Tonight’s episode is the last of The Office of the season…and as the strike wears on, there’s no telling when a new one will be offered. So enjoy it. Especially all of you Jim and Pam fans who apparently hate on the fact that he’s dating Rashida Jones. If they’re not working together, will John and Jenna spend time together? Can you stand it?

Still…John and Jenna have money. And David Letterman has a lot of money. Which is why he is paying his crew for the entire season out of his own pocket until this sh-t gets resolved. Love him.

Unfortunately for the laid off The Office crew, no such luck.

Just received an email today from a hard core fan of the show who has taken it upon herself to help out. Alyssa writes:

I"ve created the Office Fans Christmas Fund. I"m hoping to raise $100 for each crew member, to help them have a good Christmas. To my knowledge, it"s the first support campaign directed to crew. I contacted the co-executive creator, Kent Zbornak, and he"s all for the fund. He"s agreed to distribute the money I collect.

I would be incredibly grateful if you would make a mention of the fund on LaineyGossip. I know that there are endless causes that need support; this just happens to be mine. I have just over 4 weeks to raise my goal, and unless I get the word out, I won"t meet it.

The official site is

Good luck Alyssa.