Last summer I read and reviewed a book called Furious Love. Original post is here. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton – obsessing over their relationship is not so much a phase thing as it is a constant. They were of a time, of an age of movie star that we will simply never see again. The Brange, yes, they’re what’s left, I suppose. But still, they have limits. Back then, seriously, there were no limits. Elizabeth would come to set 7 hours late and drunk if she chose to. Without consequence. And then throw down with her lover in front of a hundred people and fall into his arms 5 minutes later, and everyone would have to clear the studio so they could make up. Please. I only WISH the Brange could be so entertaining.

Guess what?

Hollywood now wants to make a movie out of it

A live action movie based on Furious Love – the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.


Apparently Martin Scorsese will direct.

I don’t give a goddamn SH-T who directs, even if Elizabeth came back from the dead to direct...

Because who else can be Elizabeth and Richard???

How could they possibly find two actors to play this?


It’s the end of the day, it’s the perfect time to watch this: an interview with Elizabeth and Richard which... there’s no adequate description. Spend 10 minutes with them and you’ll see – they will NEVER be able to make a movie about them that is better than just staring at them. And for a great photo gallery click here. Attached - like, this photo. I mean... can you actually imagine them trying to recreate this photo? Impossible.