Every season of television features a feuding cast. Last year it was Grey’s Anatomy – the show that now sucks major ass. The year before it was Desperate Housewives.

Bet your boob job there will be two blondes at the centre of some major network drama this season now that Kristen Bell has joined the cast of Heroes. Kristen, of Veronica Mars, is rumoured to be one of the biggest bitches in the business. I’ve seen it up close and personal at Sundance. Girl walks around with a permanent sneer.

Hayden Panettiere of course is the leader of the new generation of young Hollywood tarts, well on her way to a porn scandal or an eating disorder or a quickie wedding or a drunken rant or even worse. She is becoming a pap favourite, she is eating up the attention, and she will NOT want to share with another cute starlet usurping her television territory.

Here they are together all smiles at the Declare Yourself event last night. Won’t be long. I can smell it.

PS. Hayden used to hang with Hollywood Ebola. Trust me. Her infection runs deep.