No chicken, no video, but books! GOOPy’s back to books! And it’s not a bad list either. Once again, Gwyneth Paltrow solicited reading recommendations from her well connected friends – when she casually throws down their credentials it’s better than namedropping – in preparation for what she calls some holiday time in August. I find it surprising she’s never read the Count of Monte Cristo. Half the screenplays in Hollywood seem like they’re loosely based on it.

Click here for GOOPy’s summer book list.

After getting meangirled at Comic-Con by the cast of Iron Man 2 because everybody hates her and she can’t sell magazines, Gwyneth turned up in New York last night for a benefit gala in support of the Children of the City Champions of Hope in a body conscious Preen dress (fashion critic favourite) and Giuseppi Zanotti booties.

Yes. You hate it. But the style people, the right people, they don’t hate it. And that’s always been Gwyneth: not for the masses. There you go…start pounding out your hate mail to me. I’m ready for it.

As for that rumoured bitchfight between G and Scarjo –Scarjo at Comic-Con debunked the reports that they don’t get along. Click here to read how Scarlett Johansson said that G was “out of the loop”.

And finally, back to books, and what to read to close out the summer – many of you have asked for more from me (in addition to Megan McCafferty’s entire Jessica Darling series now that Perfect Fifths has completed the story) so here’s what I’m taking up to Whistler today:

The Believers by Zoe Heller

I’m Down
by Mishna Wolff (this is the only one I’ve started and I love it so much so far)

Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wizner

How Race Is Lived In America by the correspondents of the New York Times

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