Because everyone loves her. Because she’s so charming.

Gabourey Sidibe, the star of Precious, hit up the Me & Orson Welles afterparty last night and chatted up LipGloss Zac Efron, some Hills twats, and even the incomparable Joan Collin who seemed rather taken with her.

It’s really no surprise. My colleague Ben interviewed Gabby at TIFF, said she was delightful. And if you watched her appearance on Conan it’s hard to imagine many you would disagree. Try not to grin the whole way through. You’ll be grinning the whole way through. Trust.

The part about meeting Oprah is adorable. And when she tells Conan about the Jello, you’ll want to hug her.

So you’ve seen New Moon 4 times. You’re about to see it for the 5th time.

Have you considered putting that off today and going for Precious instead?

{Video no longer available}

Thanks Christine!