Here are some new shots of Beyoncé today and yesterday in New York. She takes Formation to Detroit tonight and then it's a two week break before the tour heads to Europe until early August. And then it's a month off between Europe and the final leg in America. Perfect time to get on that yacht. Has she even had any yacht time this year yet?

Last week after B's show in NYC, there was an after-party. Gabrielle Union was there and told PEOPLE that:

"I don't know if I had more fun at the concert or the after-party, but it was all a magical experience." 

Well f-ck. No doubt. Please God Jesus, what's it like at the Beyoncé after-party? Gabrielle says it's forbidden to say.

"It was like Fight Club. First rule of Fight Club, don't talk about Fight Club, make sure you get invited back to Fight Club. But it was awesome and it was great to see Bey and [Jay Z]." 

She played like it was jokes but you know. You know it can't be all jokes. Even Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade can't take their Beyoncé membership for granted. You know Graydon Carter's seven rooms theory? How for social climbers it's all about finding the next door? What room would you say would be a Beyoncé after-party? One of the seven? Or beyond?

Gabrielle is on the cover of the new issue of Ocean Drive. She and D-Wade were at the cover party the other night. Look at this man's style. It's glorious.