You"ve seen the much talked about Bazaar cover with Hepburn"s famous dress, now here"s a look at another photo from the front - stunning, non? Interesting to note - Natalie is friends with Audrey"s son Sean Ferrer and he has referred to her as the "Godmother" of the Audrey Hepburn Children House Charity. Refreshing, isn"t it? Someone with legitimate claims to an iconic role model, I can hardly believe it. As for Natalie"s love life, much was made a couple of weeks ago when she was seen leaving a club in London with a wealthy boy named Nat Rothschild. My sources say it"s unlikely that they"re dating but very likely that she doesn"t mind. As was the case with Jake G, she likes it when you think she"s with the WRONG GUY, masking what she"s up to with the REAL guy who, of course, is Gael Garcia Bernal. If you recall, I reported definitively that they shared a flat in Toronto in the Spring and were still together as of the Summer. Wouldn"t you know it, there were a few sightings of GGB in Paris during the same time she was there for fashion week recently and then again attending an event in London on October 16. Here"s a treat for you ladies who love the Spanish flavour - not my thing (the height you know) but certainly not deserving of the "ratface" moniker ungraciously bestowed by some of the hardcore Portman-ites who want very much to believe that they are through. Will keep you posted. My thanks to CL for the tip.