Was Kit Harington at the Emmys? I don’t know, maybe, I’m not sure. Because they labelled Richard Madden as Kit Harington in a few of the photo agencies so he could have been there and it confused them or he was never there but they just haven’t bothered learning the names of the cast even though, AS I KEEP SCREAMING, they never seem to have a problem telling the difference between every famewhoring twat who’s trying to get a proposal on The Bachelor, God!

And just as I was moaning about the lack of couture and proper styling at the Emmys, here comes the khaleesi in Chanel Resort (from this collection presented in May at Versailles). I wish she’d chosen a different pair of shoes (the nude seems so unimaginative) but come on, this is so superior to almost everyone on network television (oh is that what we’re doing here?) you’d think she and Julie Bowen were at different events.