What I want is for Game Of Thrones to come back. April 6th. We are inside 3 months now. And HBO just released the first full trailer yesterday. So many thoughts, so many questions.

It’s been forever since we’ve seen Jaime not dirty. I am feeling his short hair. I’m feeling it in all the right places. But…who is he dipping to kiss? Is he f-cking his sister again?!?

Why can’t Jorah Mormont just DIE?

How come Theon isn’t being tortured by the balls anymore?

Will Joffrey and Margaery make evil Satan babies?

Um, I don’t see Sansa? I’m worried about Sansa.

I am not worried about Arya. Arya will be fine.

Who is messing with my beloved Tyrion? I will not stand for this.

God it was so great enjoying a trailer without that goddamn Catelyn Stark.

Please let the Khaleesi move a little faster this year. Here she is in a boring dress at the Globes last night.