Says Littlefinger in the new trailer for Game Of Thrones Season 4. Is that how the show manages to stay ahead of its peers?


Big, big dragons, I can hear Sarah screaming.

Oh yes, the Khaleesi’s dragons look enormous now, circling their mother, the mother of dragons, as she leans back wantonly on a cliff, overlooking that which she aims to conquer. Finally.

We are inside a month now to the premiere. And we open with a hardened Sansa who sounds like the anger is about to turn her ugly. Good. It’s about time. We also see a contemplative Cersei who might have someone new to f-ck, although I can’t tell whether or not it’s her brother kissing her up against that wall. I mean, if they’ve been doing each other their whole lives, why wouldn’t they keep doing each other now that they’re reunited?

Happily though, the best parts of GOT are still intact. For me, it’s the family divide. It’s knowing that the real enemy is the one who shares your blood. This is the draw of Game Of Thrones for those of us who aren’t super nerds. GOT’s universal appeal is that it’s really just Dynasty – Carringtons and Lannisters, brothers and sisters, bastard children, and exiled cousins in a timeless power struggle that feels at once classic and modern because that sh-t is immortal, no matter what the generation. In 2000 years it’ll still be happening, even if it’s going down in space. You don’t need a crime drama to show you the worst parts of humanity, of ourselves. All you need are people with the same last name.