Every time I watch this trailer, I get goose bumps at the sound of the 3 horn blasts at the end. The long wait is over. The cold winds are rising. Winter is coming...

On April 1.


Game Of Thrones Season 2, are you ready?

How great is Game Of Thrones? So great that even Duana is obsessed. Not that Duana doesn’t love good tv, but this genre, it’s really not her thing. It has to be truly special to be her thing. Which is, of course, Game Of Thrones. SO special. And this coming from the contrarian that is Duana. Then again, who can resist Tyrion Lannister?

Here’s Peter Dinklage in New York yesterday with his wife, daughter, and dog. Also attached - an interview with Lena Headey about what to expect from Cersei. She says she and Tyrion will be throwing down hard this year. F-ck I cannot wait.