OK! Because I am ready!
You must be ready too, right?

On April 1st, Game of Thrones is back with Season 2. FINALLY.

Which means, if you didn’t watch Season 1, you now have a month to catch up and join. People went apesh-t over this show. I went apesh-t over this show. Even Duana, and she doesn’t usually go apesh-t over shows that don’t involve high school, is apesh-t over this show.

Season 1 is available on DVD next week. Several cast members gathered in London last night to celebrate the release.

If you don’t mind, I prefer to refer to them by their characters’ names - is that alright?

Also, the photo agency is labelling Richard Madden as Kit Harington. And yet they never, EVER seem to get any of those Kardashians mixed up. What is this world???

Speaking of Richard Madden, have you seen the trailer? Because...who is he talking about when he says “I love her?” And is that him making out with some girl in the dark? Good. I want to see more of Robb Stark making out. Because it doesn’t seem like Jon Snow will be doing much making out, seeing as he’s all out in the coldness fighting hidden terrors. Jon Snow wasn’t there but his bff Samwell Tarly made an appearance at the party.

I like Sir Richard Carlisle way more as the Khaleesi’s trusted (or not) advisor.

Arya and Sansa freak me out in real life modern clothing.

And finally, I loathe Catelyn Stark and I hope she dies. Sorry.