Covered the Game Of Thrones Season 3 premiere red carpet last night at the Chinese Theatre. The last time I covered a movie carpet at the Chinese Theatre it was Gangster Squad in January. The carpet was easily 4 times longer. And with 4 times LESS people. Or more. You can imagine how long the cast list was last night for GoT, right?

We’ve been conditioned at these events to expect that they’ll arrive just before the start of the screening and not stop and make you feel that they’re doing you a favour by showing up and talking. At least that’s how the Movie Stars do it. Certainly, there are exceptions, like George Clooney is always great, but for the most part, this is how Movie Stars assert their superiority in the celebrity hierarchy: they just force you to accept their behaviour, no matter how inconsiderate, and you normally have no choice but to eat it, because otherwise they end up holding it over you ever single time.

Here’s how it went down at Game Of Thrones last night. We were told the first actors would be arriving at 6pm. They started arriving at 5:55pm. And each and every cast member, from Sam Tarley to Tyrion Lannister came exactly when they were supposed to, was not aggressively protected by a publicist, and answered at minimum 4 questions each. AND stayed past 7:30pm when the show was supposed to start. This almost never, ever happens, and certainly not when you’re dealing with Movie Stars.

Is that why television is considered second class in Hollywood? Because the people involved are NICER? Well, that explains everything about the business, non?

Anyway, some short quick notes as there were over 25 interviews and it’s all a jumble in my head:

Peter Dinklage is a badass and a serious actor but he’s also really funny and doesn’t mind having some fun on a carpet so we joked about how he’s an award winner now and what kind of demands he’s been throwing down on set given that he’s probably the most popular on the show which inspired him to go straight into an Irish accent and talk about how that’s not how the Irish do it. Before he left I asked him whether or not Tyrion will give it good to that f-cking bitch Cersei this season and he looked straight to camera and gave us an “it’s on” face and, well, that man is a sexy beast, I am telling you.

Speaking of Cersei, both Lena Heady and Natalie Dormer told me that there will be some serious girl sh-t going down at King’s Landing this season. Hair pulling? Yes. Hair pulling. By the way, Lena Heady is really, really sexy in person. What I always imagined Robin Wright to be, if she weren’t such a bitch.

Catelyn Stark is so much more likeable when she’s not actually Catelyn Stark. The bad news is that Catelyn Stark told me that Catelyn will be doing a lot of “contemplating” this season and not the kind of contemplating that involves killing herself.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington, straight up, I asked them if they were getting down... in character. Please. I asked everyone if they were getting down. Here’s another reason why Game Of Thrones is so great -- the sex is a signature of the show. Which means... you’re allowed to talk about sex!

Rose is super, super sweet in person, and is what Emma Stone would be like if she weren’t so famous -- even cuter and more approachable than she already is. Didn’t observe any overt signs of affection between her and Kit but they stayed pretty close to each other the whole time. His face was....puffier than I prefer it. He’s coming back to Vancouver soon though to start shooting a movie and it sounds like he’ll be tightening up for the role in Pompeii.

The Khaleesi and I talked about how much we miss Khal Drogo, and her doing it with Khal Drogo. Fun moment later on when she started describing the dragons as teenagers and comparing their adolescent behaviour to that of kids in high school. I told her Jorah Mormont was skeevy. She remained impassive but in her eyes, maybe I’m projecting, but she agreed. God she is pretty in person. With thick eyebrows and amazing teeth and the littlest tiniest waist.

Later on with Brienne, I explained to her about the “shippers” who want Brienne and Jaime Lannister to do it and she told me all he does is put his feet up with smelly socks and why would anyone want to f-ck him so I guess that means they’re totally f-cking?

More observations later because otherwise this post will turn into a novel.

Only 12 more days...

And have you seen the new trailer?

At the end, when the Khaleesi is releasing that dragon -- it turned you into a nerd, didn’t it?

PS. Apparently there’s a big ass wedding scene!