The full trailer for Game of Thrones season six came out yesterday—let’s see how many squares on Game of Thrones Liar Bingo we can check. Shots of Jon Snow’s dead body with voice over narration making it sound like someone is talking about Jon Snow being dead? Check. Teases of Melisandre’s fire magic which we know can bring people back to life? Check. Someone making a portentous statement over Jon Snow’s dead body? Check. What might be a blurry shot of Jon Snow, alive, riding in battle? Check. It’s a liar bingo!

Now for some non-Jon Snow stuff. Khaleesi is on her way back to Vaes Dothrak, and she’s walking, which means she’s unworthy by Dothraki standards, right? I am worried for Khaleesi, but I also love that aerial shot of the horde she’s in, because you can see her as a tiny bright spot of blue-white and it’s just a lovely visual. I also like the shot of Drogon in the sky because everything is better with dragons. Although I do worry about Viserion and Rhaegal, still locked in that pyramid. Is anyone feeding them?

We also see Sansa looking grimly determined, and Blind Arya is around, but the Stark making waves is Bran, standing up and seeming to encounter the Night’s King. Any time I see Bran standing, I assume he’s having a vision. And if Bran sees the White Walkers, that means there will be three people in Westeros actively concerned about the ice zombies (Sam, Jon Snow, and Bran). Three whole people! That entire country is going to get eaten because no one is paying attention.

There are a couple quick glimpses of what I think is a young Ned Stark in the “Tower of Joy” backstory that will very probably confirm our suspicions about Jon Snow’s parentage (bingo!), and there are several cuts to Greyjoys. Looks like we’re finally getting around to watching those people fight over their sea throne. Hooray.

As for the Lannisters, Jaime and Cersei are back to f*cking and vowing revenge and choosing violence. Basically living their best Lannister life. Margaery is with the High Sparrow—solid power play—but I feel like Cersei is going to f*ck up the Tyrells. And the Martells, for that matter. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Narrow Sea, Tyrion is talking about the “great game”. So he’s fine.

The trailer ends back with Jon Snow’s dead body, and a truly sad shot of Ghost lying next to him. And Ser Davos is there, looking like he’s about to do something serious. Like maybe wipe the floor with the Night’s Watch and steal Jon Snow’s body? Hopefully he gets a piece of Olly on his way out, because f*ck that guy. April 24 is too far away!