Game of Thrones released their second teaser and they continue to troll everyone about Jon Snow’s fate. We see the faces of deceased characters like Ned, Robb, and Catelyn Stark—and Joffrey, but who gives a f*ck that he’s dead?—in the Hall of Faces, as lines once uttered by the characters are heard, then we pan to Jon Snow’s dead mug and as he’s talking about night coming, we move onto Tyrion, Daenerys, Sansa, and other alive people. Jon Snow straddles the dead/alive divide and Game of Thrones is just playing with us. Their entire ad campaign is built around straight trolling.

At this point we’re all just agreeing to go along with the fiction that we’ll be surprised when Jon Snow comes back, right? HBO is like, Yeah, we know you know, but we’re not going to confirm it, we’re just going to keep feeding you these trollish ads, and we’re all, Fine, whatever, just promise us we get to see an ice zombie chewing on Olly’s face at some point. That’s all I really want from GOT season six. I’d like to see a dragon eat someone, and I’d like to see an ice zombie eat Olly, because f*ck that guy.

I set really low expectations for things I’d like to see in Game of Thrones because I’m convinced everyone cool is going to die (which is why I’m convinced Jon Snow is going to come back—he’s not cool). So I don’t root for the people. I just want to see monsters eat things. I feel this way I can’t be emotionally devastated by this show anymore.

Attached - Emilia Clarke at the BAFTAs on Sunday.