Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Mark Addy, and of course Sean Bean are all at the Monte Carlo Television Festival promoting Game of Thrones, my summer tv obsession. And, as I gather from your emails, many of you feel the same. It keeps getting better and better with every episode. Sunday’s was particularly sharp, I think the best so far. Spoilers ahead.

Again, I’ve not read the books, but I’m telling you, Ned is a DUMBASS which is why he is going to DIE. They’ve made it obvious on this show that pragmatism will be rewarded, and honour... isn’t exactly a treasured attribute which, it may not be the most cuddly of messages, but it’s probably more true to life than we’d care to admit. Ned is honourable, but he’s stupid. He puts honour before strategy. It’s incredibly frustrating. And his wife isn’t all that with it either but at least has the sense to be suspicious and that might extend her life a little whereas Ned, Ned just walks around like some kind of relic with a sword, ready to die on it for the sake of reputation, even though a reputation isn’t going to keep his children alive. I’m telling you. There is no way he survives. And good. He doesn’t deserve to stay in the game. He’s not smart enough to stay in the game.

Khaleesi on the other hand...well, Khaleesi is almost the prototype of what Game of Thrones wants in a hero, non? She starts off innocent and inexperienced, she pays attention to counsel, she learns from advice, she intelligently positions herself to her own advantage, she rejects those (her brother) who cannot keep up, and she is gaining strength, always, along the way. Khaleesi is not going to die.


I still can’t decide. Sansa has become my favourite character because I think she’s the most realistic one. I enjoy her internal teenage struggles. She is a good, loyal, family girl. She is a frivolous, flighty adolescent. She is afraid and torn and confused. These are all playing well and believably. Also, she’s great to look at.

You can tell I’ve spent some time thinking about this show. The only thing that I wonder about is Sean Bean who is by far the biggest name on the cast and...can you do that after one season? Kill off your big name? I just... I cannot conceive of a way that they could save him and still keep an audience’s respect. Ned would never betray his character, Cersei would never spare him. There’s no road out of this but death. I need to stop geeking out. We can discuss today during the TV LiveBlog.

Anyway, um, why does Jamie Lannister look like such a dork in real life? His posture is appalling.

Photos from Wenn.com and Carlotta Arrivabe/Splashnewsonline.com