So I’m taking over recapping duties for Games of Thrones this season as Duana is focusing on Mad Men’s final season. I came a little late to the Thrones party but my positions are the following:

I don’t have a favorite house because I’m convinced everyone is going to die; Jon Snow is The Worst; I’m here for the Tyrion and Varys Travelling Road Show; I want to be Brienne of Tarth when I grow up; Arya Stark is my spirit animal; direwolves make the best pets; R + L = J; SANSA FINALLY; f*ck the Lannisters, except for Tyrion, he’s cool; The North remembers; I wish the Khaleesi would DO SOMETHING but I appreciate that she is learning about governance from the ground up; I haven’t read the books but it doesn’t matter because this is a TV show and it should work on its own; I have read the Wiki, though; and finally, TEAM DRAGON. The dragons are my favorite. I hope Thrones ends with the dragons eating everyone.

The US premiere of season five was last night and Gwendoline Christie, aka Brienne herself, said it’s her favorite season so far. I wonder if that’s because Brienne’s role has been getting steadily bigger, but she says it’s because it’s the most complex season yet. Something I really like about Thrones is that once Robert Baratheon dies it doesn’t descend immediately into utter chaos. It’s been a steady decline into an ever-more-precarious political landscape as Westeros slowly destabilizes. I have a feeling that Game of Thrones is really just a prologue to The Tale of Arya Stark or The Return of the Targaryens, or some such great epic that hasn’t been told yet. Like in season one how the events of Robert’s Rebellion are only mentioned in passing, so too will these events one day be nothing more than footnotes in the story of a great hero—or heroine.