A new Game Of Thrones trailer was released this week ahead of the season 5 premiere in April. The star of the preview:



Those teenagers are, like, fully challenging adulthood now. Do dragons have sex? I just googled this question and spent more time than I ever imagined I would reading about dragon porn. Anyway, I don’t mean real dragon sex. I mean magical dragons. Do magical dragons f-ck? If the Khaleesi’s dragons are the first dragons to happen in a long time, do they have to get incesty in order to make new dragons?

You know who is, finally, having sex? The Khaleesi. Hopefully this means that she’s not going to be doing nothing in the desert anymore. Hopefully the Khaleesi’s sex life matches her attack life – that is to say: DO IT. MORE.

Cersei is not doing it. Because she’s too busy imagining her son Tommen doing it. With Margaery, Oh My God.

You know who looks like he wants to be doing it? That skeevy new priest. And all of Oberyn Martell’s snake daughters. But only after a killing spree.

It feels close now. It really does. Finally it feels close. The best 10 weeks of television of the year?

Video no longer available