Game Of Thrones.

A trailer.

Set to David Bowie.

Well, not him, exactly, but that’s who I associate with the song.

And what do we have here?

Margaery is getting married. Again. How many f-cking times is she going to marry a guy who ends up dying right after he marries her? Black Widow!

Tyrion appears to be on his way to finding the Khaleesi which…good. Can he hurry her along? I’m getting tired of watching her promise to change the world. And then walk around in a circle.

I guess our action is going to come from Oberyn’s daughters, the Sand Snakes, who look like they’re down to kill…and they’re down to f-ck. Like their dad. That works for me.

You know what though? I found that I don’t care as much about Jon Snow anymore.

April 12. Too far away.

PS. I loved Natalie Dormer’s hair at the SAGs.