Jason Momoa, one of the tallest cast members, if not the tallest, of the Game of Thrones showed up with his girlfriend Lisa Bonet at a fundraiser in Venice, CA a few days ago. The shortest member of the Game of Thrones cast spent the Memorial Day weekend in New York with his girlfriend and his dog. Here’s Peter Dinklage with a bandana holding back his hair in Manhattan yesterday.

Dinklage and Momoa, while holding the two extreme height positions on the show, also do the same where dialogue is concerned. Tyrion by his own revelation is erudite and articulate, a sharp mind to make up for his lack of stature, physical that is. Meanwhile, Khal Drogo doesn’t do much more than grunt on the show, although this week he had a big speech that… well… I thought it was a little overacted. Still, it’s HOT the way he feels about his wife. Like a perv, I wish they would have sex more. But there are so many goddamn characters on this show, and so much to keep track of, getting down with the khaleesi might be 45 seconds that would be better served elsewhere.

Unfortunately, at least this week, Tyrion didn’t get any of that. They were too busy blowing sh-t up at King’s Landing with all the politicking and intrigue. I’ve not read the books but I’m worried for Ned Stark. You don’t live long by honour in these parts, especially not when you’re surrounded by manipulative bitches and two faced whores. Oh hi Hollywood! No wonder I love this show. Littlefinger is currently my favourite character.

Have you ever, ever hated a face on first sight the way you hate Joffrey? Imagine being that kid’s mother. Oh hi, we’d like to cast your son to play the role of incest prince with sociopathic leanings. We think he looks perfect for the part.

Because he does.

I want a direwolf.

I would totally liveblog or tweet during Game of Thrones but I’m too busy taking notes and trying to keep up.

Are you watching?

You really should be watching.

Also attached – Jason Momoa is the new Conan the Barbarian. In theatres in August. You probably won’t have to think much during this one. Ever since the Daily Show called it “Bonin’ the Barbarian” when referencing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper scandal though, I can’t think of the title and not laugh.

Photos from Wenn.com and Jose Perez/Splashnewsonline.com