Or however you say it.

Kristen Stewart is currently filming On the Road in Montreal. Robert Pattinson is now in Montreal to visit her. As such, paps are flocking to Quebec for the Money Shot of them spooning on a bed of violets. They haven’t found a field magical enough to contain them yet but there was a little headleaning affection on set that was immortalised by the camera – click here to see. Those photos are too rich for my blog. Very expensive.

For the non-TwiHard however, there is a benefit to the increased presence of paparazzi invading the Isle of Romeo & Juliet – the surrounding lowlands get some attention too. Oh hi Garrett Hedlund, #1 on my Five List.

This is Garrett yesterday being hot and chill...and affordable. Until Tron comes out. Right now though I can still buy him. And enjoy him before he acquires his own vast legion of loser fans constructing a new mythology.

Photos from Sultana/Splashnewsonline.com