Garrett Hedlund is currently shooting On The Road in Quebec. It was quiet around production for a few weeks as the cast was left relatively undisturbed until of course the angel Robert Pattinson arrived to visit girlfriend Kristen Stewart at which point Montreal became TwiHard central with the paps in close pursuit for the money shot to satisfy the fan jizzing. Stewart now has a week off however and she and Pattinson have returned to Los Angeles so peace has (temporarily) been restored.

This is where we find Garrett Hedlund. In the park yesterday at lunch, smoking a cigarette on a bench when “Gen” spotted him and approached him for a photo. She asked him what he was doing there. He said he was “reflecting on life” which is either really lame sh-ts or totally Jeff Spicoli and since Hedlund is currently topping the Five List, we’ll give him some latitude and chalk it up to an afternoon spliff on a summer day because, well, 26 approaches and so does major fame.

And to answer your question Gabriela, he does look barely 18 but he is totally legal AND a full year within gay math requirement – at least for me. You’ll have to ask Gen though – forget what it looks like, it’s what it sounds like that will get you into trouble.