Sarah boldly predicted very early, on December 1, that Gary Oldman would WIN the Best Actor Oscar. Click here for a refresher. Well, first he had to be nominated. And that was far from a sure thing. As late as last week, many experts had left Oldman off the list in their predictions in favour of any combination of Leonardo DiCaprio and/or Michael Fassbender/Shannon.

But Oldman had been campaigning. And, as Sarah has noted for months, he is totally due. So his name was called yesterday. Gary gets in, and Sarah’s still in it.

Gary celebrated yesterday in Germany with his gorgeous wife Alexandra at the premiere of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. As for whether or not he can actually steal the award and upset the race...

The Best Actor is George Clooney’s to lose but there are a few, not many, Oscar observers who think that Jean DuJardin and Brad Pitt have enough time to surprise on February 26th. Or maybe, as Sarah initially suggested, the votes get split in too many directions and Oldman ends up taking it.

What’s working against Oldman though is that he’s not nominated for a SAG Award. The SAGs go down on Sunday while nomination day is still fresh in the minds of voters. You want to show your face at that event, and Gary, Gary’s not at the table. It certainly doesn’t help.

Then again, it wouldn’t be a gamble otherwise, right? No so-called expert, not one, is predicting Oldman for the win per Gold Derby. Right now it’s looking way uphill for Sarah. But if she pulls this off? MEGA MEGA boasting. And understandably.