When Robin Thicke’s begging didn’t work on Paula Patton, who did he start partying with?

Leonardo DiCaprio.

Orlando Bloom isn’t letting Miranda Kerr get in the way of his single life with Leo either. Orly rolls with Leo all the time. What is it that douchebags always say? Bros before hos? Leo probably thinks he did Orly a favour.

The newest member of Leo’s divorce club...

Gavin Rossdale.

He showed up at Leo’s Malibu beach party this weekend – click here to see the photos. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this but I will anyway…

There were a LOT of models there.

What do you think Leo says to his boys when they arrive? Something like…

“Glad you finally took your head out of your ass. Why get married when you could have this? 5 ft 10, 22, and they don’t talk back.”

Um, where’s Ben Affleck?

Also attached – Gwen Stefani in a belted drop crotch with flowers, maybe one of the best outfits I’ve seen her wear all year. And no ring. Go get it. Go get better.