Okay, they’ve announced it. I actually thought it would take longer, but seeing as the Queen was out to visit them relatively early this AM, I suppose she approved in plenty of time. Even the royals have to move faster in a 24-hour news cycle.

George Alexander Louis, to be styled HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

Surprising …nobody, right?

William’s full name is William Arthur Phillip Louis.

Charles’ is Charles Phillip Arthur George.

Elizabeth’s is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

So it’s not hard to see where the name comes from. A little Gramps, a little Dad, and a little kissing the ring. And he will be Georgie when growing up, maybe Geordie if they’re feeling particularly saucy. The point is, they were never going to go far afield with this name. He’s to be King someday. Simba wasn’t the most imaginative either.  That’s not the point. The point is the regality of it.  

As is, I think it’s lovely. Of course, the rumour exists that Charles wants to be King George the VII when that comes to pass, but the man has had 64 years and counting to come up with that so he may yet change his mind.

The name is also much more in line with what’s happening with baby names in general, lately, contrary to much of what we’ve seen going on with the courtship and wedding and pregnancy, though, that’s not the Windsors coming to us – that’s us coming to them. All three of these names are much more in mainstream use now than in years past, when people decided “upper crust” baby names would no longer condemn their child to beatings and rejection. No doubt there will be a rise in Louis (even though Sandra Bullock got there first) and a lot of Grandpa Georges who suddenly get namesakes after all.

What the name doesn’t have, of course – and what it was never going to have – is any whiff of the Spencers about it. First of all, retaining maidens whatsoever is not Done in the monarchy. Second, are you kidding me? The Princess was beloved, but she was also a PR disaster, and the royals are riding on a high, high wave of goodwill these days. No way they would jeopardize that. And a few of you were all “Oh, but if it was a girl” – absolutely not. I guarantee you that her name will not be heard again for at least two generations – if at all. You’ll notice it’s now unused both here and in the UK – that’s not an accident.

William and Catherine and baby Georgie. It sounds right. It’s a serious yet light name for an heir. When the spare comes, then they can get all crazy.

But woe for my forgotten Arthur!