Again the Palais was humming for the photo call. Huge crowds gathered beyond barricades and screaming when the cast walked back and forth across the walkway.

Also a surge to get into the press conference – female journalists losing their sh-t over George Clooney. He obliged with autographs and a few laughs. And they went ballistic too over Brad who was less jovial than George but still in good spirits.

The press conference itself to me anyway felt like one big inside joke. Serious answers few and far between – why get cerebral about it anyway? George made a movie so he could hang out with his boys and promote it in Cannes. That’s it..seriously…and it shows.

From my vantage point, they were all super super relaxed, except for Ellen Barkin. Ellen Barkin looked like she was about to throw up. Love Don Cheadle. LOVE HIM. Love the easy way they mill about, like a traveling frat house with a great wardrobe and Grey Goose instead of beer. George is definitely the ring leader, the natural #1. Brad defers, he and Matt keep sneaking conspiratorial glances kinda goofing on George, the others just hang back and smirk at his irreverence. Makes you feel like you’re in high school again, the cool crew that walks around under a halo and everyone follows them around and you so want to be part of it but you don’t even bother to hope because to hope would mean possibility and you know there is none anyway.

Sure there are the few who will resent. A few journalists who press the “tough” questions to rail against the power of the privileged but they’d also in a heartbeat drop the bitterness if ever handed that exclusive invitation of acceptance.

That’s what it’s like to be at an Ocean’s 13 event.

As for tonight’s big premiere – needless to say, everyone is waiting for a Brad/Angie encore and the French are saying she’s already left but no one knows for sure as everyone is marvelling at how impressively tightly sealed their itinerary has been. Which just goes to show you, when they want to fly under the radar, they so totally can.

Ps. Have I mentioned how thin George is? It"s weird. He looks much older in photos but also less gaunt.

PPS. The way Brad Pitt walks? Honestly the sexiest gait I"ve ever seen.