It was another super star evening at the du Cap on Tuesday night. The Oceans 13 Darfur private yacht party went down earlier in the evening, Clooney and the cast hopped on board – both he and Brad looked f&cking delicious in suits. Then all came back to the hotel for more fraternising.

George is funny that way, you know? Most people just throw a party when they want to get together with their friends. He has to go and make a movie and set up an entire swank week in the French Riviera for an encore.

Again… everyone has remarked on his thinness. SO THIN. Perhaps you won’t see in photos just how thin but he is a rail. Not gaunt but also with nothing to spare. Blonde was not with him. After Monday night, he must have had her in hiding. Word is it’s some model wannabe actress divorcee from Florida named Jennifer Aguero. So then of course I had to google and came up with this – Stuff Magazine spread a few years ago.

Is it the same woman? Sure…I guess so? The woman on Monday had shoulder length hair and was much blonder and the features are similar but like I said yesterday, she was pretty generic lookin’ so it’s kinda hard to confirm and besides, do you really think I spent that much time looking at her face when she was fondling George Clooney?

Dylan would know. Dylan was definitely focused on her. But he’s napping now and I can hear him snoring like thunder from three rooms away and I am afraid to wake him. Will ask when he’s up, let know you then.

Other details? Matt Damon apparently super low key, family man, loves his wife, the male Taupe to Jennifer Garner’s Female Taupe.

But you want to know about THEM, don’t you?

Angelina did make an appearance at the bar. Serene and secured – that wicked bodyguard pacing incessantly making sure none of the super rich people were about to attack her and preventing trespassers from getting too close. Sorry to disappoint the haters but away from the cameras, I’m told she and Brad are – and I quote – “ridiculously in love”. To the point where they will find each other’s eyes in a crowded room and send over a secret smile. Trust me…I just heaved a little too.

No doubt more action tonight leading up to tomorrow’s big premiere. Junket was today so you should be seeing interview clips released soon. Am trying to get into the press screening tomorrow for Oceans 13 but so is every other journalist in Cannes so it all depends if I can get my Chinese ass out of bed early enough. And given that I haven’t missed a sunrise this week, that might be tough.

Still… the prospect of 2 hours of eye candy and great suits is tempting. Keep you posted.

And finally, about Angelina’s interview with Ann Curry. Click here to watch the clip She gets emotional about her mother, she talks about the intrusive spotlight on her life, but above all, she talks about Mariane Pearl. Almost every response is directed back to the story – A Mighty Heart. Who has the right to compare and complain when this woman was so unfairly robbed of the love of her life and the father of her child?

The reviews are pouring in and there seems to be consensus. It’s an important movie, she honours it, and the Oscar buzz is already beginning which means Life & Style will be calling for another wedding by next week. Snort.

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