My Gwyneth swore she’d never let her kids eat there but then again, my Gwyneth is a lovely, snotty, elitist bitch. Unlike the carefully cultivated public image of Mother Angelina who’s just down with humanity and eats what the world eats and lives how the world lives, ok? Here’s Angelina enjoying fries and a regular sized drink (I always super, don’t you?), taking a short break from shooting in Mumbai yesterday. Note the side profile of those lips – total gorgessity, non? As for recent reports that they will adopt again very shortly especially after having visited an orphanage in India – no huge surprise there…although you might want to keep your inner smut tuned in on the timing. Oscar campaigning heats up in just a few weeks with the Golden Globe nominations coming down on December 14th. Given that Brad is expected to make a run for Clooney’s spot this year, my sources say adding another baby AND making their official red carpet appearance certainly won’t hurt his chances, savvy? Source