Again, again, again, again, again...

Put a proper gossip in the control room at these award shows and they’d be even more entertaining because they’d cut to the shots we all want to see. Like I would have wanted to see George Clooney’s face when David O Russell was called up last night at Critics’ Choice.

This is not a rumour. Clooney confirmed it. Clooney told Playboy that he had O Russell by the throat one day on the set of Three Kings because O Russell was verbally abusing the crew. “Without exception, the worst experience of my life” is how he described working with O Russell.

Time heals?

It does when cameras are around.

Check it -- Clooney and O Russell being nice to each other in commercial break. These are the best moments too, right? The ones where they have to swallow back their contempt and game it out, even when they want to drop-kick a motherf-cker. Oh award season, I love you.