Oh Ely. You good, girl. You very, very good.

Yesterday we were treated to photos – click here for a refresher – of the Italian Queen getting nuzzled by George Clooney upon arrival at Giorgio Armani in Milan. Today it’s the front row thigh squeeze.

Look how she looks at him so adoringly and how he rewards her with a sexy hand on her thigh, tag teaming with a handhold. It’s the happiest time in her life. And, apparently, in his. I want to look like that in tuxedo pants.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were also front row at Armani, seemingly inseparable at public functions now that they’re officially married. It’s... rather sweet. And her face didn’t look so pretend-y this time either. Some of you have posited that she’s pregnant. I don’t think she’s pregnant. At least I hope she’s not pregnant. These two need to get rid of the bad sh-t first.

Photos from Wenn.com