It has long been my assertion that Elle Macpherson is perfect for perfect for George Clooney and they were together last night in London as George continues to promote Leatherheads in Europe.

They were not alone unfortunately – George caught up with Matt Damon and a variety of local socialites all came out to pay their respects to the new king of Hollywood. And while I’m told Elle was workin’ it, as she always is, it’s too bad George wasn’t feelin’ it.

Because whatever Sarah Larson has over him is too captivating, even across the Atlantic.

Besides, I have a feeling Elle came on too strong, as she’s wont to do. Girl does not understand subtlety. No concept of “savouring” instead of “devouring” so as a result, she ends up scaring the sh*t out of most dudes instead. Elle might be a supermodel, and she might be infinitely more attractive than Sarah, but Sarah’s skills you can’t teach.

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