It’s that time of year again. In November, People Magazine will announce its annual Sexiest Man Alive. Am currently batting .500 – scored two months in advance with Johnny Depp four years ago, was screwed by dandy pansy Jude Law (WTF??) the year after that, predicted Matthew McConaughey six weeks early in 2005, and then my dark horse Matt Damon fell to George Clooney in 2006.

Here are the odds for this year – and remember, it’s not who you want to be named, it’s who you think will be named. So while your loins might quiver only for someone like, say, Milo Ventimiglia and while he might make the larger list as a whole, there is no chance in hell he’ll win the crown. None.

To a lesser extent, same goes for Clive and Daniel and Colin – right now, their profiles simply are not in-your-face enough to make a splash.

The SMA is a big name. Always. And almost always a bonafide movie star.

Welcome your thoughts.