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Vanity Fair blasted out a press release this morning for their new issue featuring, in their words, “three of Hollywood’s most fascinating leading men”, George Clooney, Daniel Craig, and Matt Damon photographed by Annie Leibovitz. You can see all of them at the movies right now. They each submit to the magazine’s Proust Questionnaire. See how great George looks in good lighting?

(Did anyone else wonder if Brad Pitt wasn’t available...or didn’t want to share? Let’s come back to this in a minute.)

These decisions of course are made well in advance, before a clear picture of award season develops. And all three had opportunities. George, as you know, is a frontrunner in the Best Actor race and it’s a good strategy, this. Not only having his face on Vanity Fair during such a high profile month in Hollywood but also being magnanimous enough to split the real estate with two others. But then again, that’s George Clooney, right? Mr (Celebrity) President is friends with everyone. And he needs their vote.

As for Brad...

I don’t think he’s covered VF since they put what he considered to be an unauthorised image of him on their December 2006 edition. Remember? He was so pissed the lawyers were involved. Since then, while Angelina’s made multiple appearances, Brad has abstained...

But this year is his best shot at an Oscar, like, ever. And next month is the all-important Hollywood Issue, timed for release just 3 weeks before the Academy Awards...

Do you think?

What are the chances?

The February 2012 issue of Vanity Fair is available for purchase tomorrow. Here’s the blurb they sent along:

If George Clooney could choose what to come back as, it would be his dog because, as the actor states, “he lives better.” The Descendants lead also admits to being displeased with his posture and considers patience the most overrated virtue.  Daniel Craig values patience in his friends above all, but doesn’t like his knees, and you’ll never guess what he considers his most treasured possession—but then, we can’t really be sure; the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star admits that he lies when answering questionnaires. Matt Damon, who played a widower twice this year, in Contagion and We Bought a Zoo, is focused on family off the camera—he says that he was happiest in bed making his four children, and in the hospital watching them being born. Damon says that his greatest achievement is his marriage, that his real life heroes are his parents, and that his favorite names are those of his wife and children. He and Clooney both wish they could play instruments, while the more practical Craig only wishes he had opposable toes.

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