As many before me have already noted, what made Ocean’s 11 so great was the illusion that that was how they are when they’re all together, hanging out. That George Clooney, obviously, is the team leader. And Brad Pitt talks with his mouth full all the time. And Casey Affleck and Scott Caan run around giving each other wedgies. And Don Cheadle gets off on blowing sh-t up. And Bernie Mac, rest his soul, mutters “Whitejack!”s under his breath when he’s in the principal’s office:

I loved that they made Matt Damon the little brother type who was always trying to prove himself.

I can do it! Give me a chance!

Well here they are, together again. Or two of them at least. Check out George and Matt having dinner in Berlin last night where George has been scouting locations in preparation for The Monuments Men. He’ll be directing Matt and Daniel Craig and Cate Blanchett and Bill Murray and John Goodman and in a film based on the true story of The Monuments Men who protected art and artifacts from destruction by the Nazis in WWII. So...kinda like Ocean’s in that the Sexy Men! Have A Plan! only, obviously, with profound historical significance. And, hopefully, they shut the f-ck up and listen whenever Cate has anything to say. Sh-t, I want this movie to come out tomorrow.