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Earlier this week, George Clooney shared the cover of Vanity Fair with Matt Damon and Daniel Craig - click here for a refresher. Now heΓÇÖs collaborating with Viola Davis in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. See now this, this is a campaign strategy thatΓÇÖs so much more palatable than Stacy Keibler/Elisabetta Canalis/Sarah Larson/substitute leggy medium pretty escort.

But he is WORKING it, non?

Was George starting to feel the heat from Jean Dujardin and Brad Pitt?

Listen to how heΓÇÖs talking:

ΓÇ£ThereΓÇÖs this strange thing thatΓÇÖs happened over the last 25 or 30 years where thereΓÇÖs this decision being made that women arenΓÇÖt able to carry the box office. Now, Bridesmaids has proved that to be bullsΓÇö, and The Help has proven it to be bullsΓÇö. But itΓÇÖs much harder to get a film with a woman lead made. When a man hits 40 is when roles just begin to happen. And for women it doesnΓÇÖt happen. I find that to be a very concerning issue.ΓÇ¥

Is that your move? To court the womenΓÇÖs vote within the Academy? Because you say these things and then you show up with Stacy Keibler...

So what ARE ClooneyΓÇÖs chances? I think heΓÇÖs still in the lead right now. But heΓÇÖs hustling this hard for a reason. Someone must be telling him that there are others who are surging. You know what? ItΓÇÖs actually a race this year (so far). Across several categories. IΓÇÖm excited.

PS. Sarah from Cinesnark went balls out, and boldly, when she predicted Gary Oldman for Best Actor waaaay back on December 1. I donΓÇÖt have her courage. On Monday then. Mine will come on Monday.

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