Remember what I wrote last week? That for Renee Zellweger, it sucks to be the friend? Well fortunately for Renee, Sarah Larson did not make the trip to London with George Clooney to promote Leatherheads and as a result, Renee is in much better spirits.

Look at her. Look how she’s more alive, visibly more fulfilled, so aware of him in every molecule of her body. She totally loves him! And the love is KILLING her!

On the plus side, her dress is amazing. It’d be a surprise if it was anything other than Carolina Herrera since she doesn’t wear anyone else. The colour, the craft, the fit, it’s perfect, though she could of course stand to gain at least 10 if not 15 pounds.

As for George…well, George has been mauled by women while in London. And he worked the crowd patiently as usual before the premiere. Turned on all his charm, signed every autograph he could, spoke with as many outlets as possible, and he looked better than he has in weeks. Very well rested, healthy, probably because he’s sleeping at night. When Sarah’s around, there’s too much to do.

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