They are “travelling” by train to promote Leatherheads – advance word is that it’s very, very good, but that’s no surprise, is it? Oceans 12 notwithstanding, George Clooney usually avoids sh*t. And in that case, he was hanging out with his boys for 3 months. You’d probably be inclined to play in sh*t too if you were playing with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon and Bernie Mac and Casey Affleck et al.

As you can see, Renee looks happy. Ecstatic. And why not? How is this work? Escorted across the country by George Clooney, flirting with George Clooney, laughing without George Clooney – this is NOT work. And where is Sarah Larson???

Will Sarah make it out to any of the big premieres? Or will Clooney strategically put all focus on his chemistry with Renee?

F*ck Renee! Put the focus on John Krasinski!!!

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