Well done Sarah Larsen who celebrated the new year still known as George Clooney’s girlfriend. Given Sarah’s titillating beginnings – click here if you need a refresher - making it to 2008 is indeed quite an accomplishment. So can you blame her for beaming last night on the arm of her dashing beau at the National Board of Review Awards in New York? Especially since George was in such fine form all day yesterday?

Here he is leaving his hotel earlier and the two of them on the carpet. Am told she stayed close to him during the press line and he kept his hand on her arm during his interviews, rubbing it intimately while charming journalists with his patented Clooney banter.

F*ck that’s hot. And damn she’s a lucky girl. As for whether or not she"ll screw it up by wanting him to marry her... doubtful. There"s a reason why he goes for girls like Sarah. They will never need more.

Photos from Wenn.com