Where so many others failed.

It’s an undeniable truth: Sarah Larson has secured George Clooney. As secure as George Clooney can be secured. Said it before, will say it again: this girl knows how to play. This girl knows not to over-ask. She knows not to over-reach. She will never expect more than what she was made for – it’s a winning formula more of those tv girls should start following. Like Jessica Biel (didn’t show) and Sarah Michelle Gellar whose face turned to thunder last night at the Met when a foreign photographer asked to move so that he could get a better shot of Jennifer Lopez. Hee.

But back to Sarah Larson…

George Clooney is all about Sarah Larson.

How can you tell?

It’s not because he was uber-attentive (he was), it’s not because he kept looking over his shoulder for her (he did), it’s not the way he couldn’t stop touching her (he couldn’t), it’s not that he couldn’t wait to get back to her when he had completely the obligatory press rounds (he rushed)…it had nothing to do what him, you see, but everything to do with HER.

Last night, Sarah Larson was the most confident girl in the room. THAT’s how you know.

She stood there behind him, while he joined Julia Roberts and Giorgio Armani for photos and interviews, she stood there hanging out with the wranglers and the publicists and the no names and she stood there like she owned the place. Sarah Larson stood there with the air of a girl who knows she’s won. A girl who doesn’t want for any more in life. A girl who doesn’t doubt, who has no reason to doubt, a girl who doesn’t even need to gloat…THAT is how confident Sarah Larson is in George Clooney. Indeed. Clooney is conquered.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com