I’m sure you’ve seen these but just in case, click  here for some classic Sarah Larson – not exactly a lady, but then again, you’ve known that for a while.

She was having fun with some friends, took a few provocative pictures, probably for jokes, and they get interpreted a certain way on the internet. That I can defend. What I can’t defend is that she was not *just* a cocktail waitress in Vegas. That of course is the People Magazine whitewash version of her resumé for the benefit of the MiniVan Majority – they worship George Clooney. However, as I reported several months ago, George’s girl was apparently a working girl. For a gambling company. The kind of girl hired to “entertain” high rollers.

And now she’s George Clooney’s significant other. A girl who can be bought and sold. Fine.

But trashing his piece of trash is one thing, putting it all on her is entirely another. Because it’s not on her… it is on him. It is George Clooney’s MAJOR flaw. It is what makes George Clooney a cheese dick.

George Clooney is so smart, and so talented, and charming, and articulate, and he works hard, and he’s not a whinging douchebag… but George Clooney loves skanks.

Loving skanks is a dealbreaker.

PS. Why is her style so sh*t? What"s up with the hair? She CURLS HER BANGS!!!

PPS. Baja Fresh! I miss Baja Fresh! Have a tortilla soup today at Baja Fresh for me, will you?

Photos from Wenn.com