Ok we’ll get to that in a minute but first...

Look how tall Presley Gerber is!

Cindy Crawford’s son will be 14 next July. If I were his age, he would be trouble for me.

So here’s George Clooney with his best friend Rande and his family and yes, of course, Stacy Keibler too, all of them spending Thanksgiving together in Mexico. George seems like he’s really excited about this trip, perhaps looking forward to all the sh-t talking. God the sh-t talking that goes down when George Clooney’s completely relaxed and surrounded by his friends must be (I would use the word “epic” here but it’s been so overplayed which is too bad because it’s the one that fits) the best, best, best gossip.

You think George is too good to gossip?

I promise you he isn’t too good to gossip. You can tell. You can tell any time he participates in any of those roundtables, how he engages in a conversation, how quick he is to offer an anecdote, sometimes an unintentionally gossipy one, like the time he brought up Adrien Brody being cut out of a movie by Terrence Malick or the time he described how he kicked David O Russell’s ass on Three Kings. That’s what Clooney is good for, that’s Clooney on holiday -- getting drunk and telling stories. And that’s why you’d want to tag along -- Cabo, Como, wherever -- to hear George Clooney talking sh-t, oh my God, about everyone worth sh-t-talking about.