Fresh off his Oscar win for Argo, George Clooney was in Germany yesterday accepting the Deutscher Medienpreis Award. Stacy Keibler, meanwhile, was photographed running errands in LA. You know, they’ve not been together all that much this year. He’s spent some time overseas and she’s been in the States shooting her show. Interestingly enough, almost everyone I talked to over Oscar weekend seemed to be of the opinion that they’ve definitely entered the third act of their relationship.

But she accomplished the once-thought-impossible! She made it to two Oscars in a row!

Here’s a rumour I’ve heard that you’ll enjoy:

Keibler used to deal casually with Geoff Stults. They stopped, obviously, just before Clooney made her his bonafide. The rumour is that Keibler and Stults have been talking again...and that George doesn’t know about it.

If this is true...

Careful, Stacy. It’s not the act that’s off-side but the lack of discretion that’s the most egregious, especially where George Clooney is concerned.

So can Keibler make it to an improbable THIRD Oscars in a row? George is expected to be back at the Dolby next year for August: Osage County and The Monuments Men. And if he’s planning to bring a date that isn’t Stacy, the exit strategy would have to happen soon so that he can have Stacy’s successor in place by, say, the fall, just in time to install her by his side for award season.