C’est la vie is what Stacy Keibler tweeted last night after George Clooney lost Best Actor to Jean Dujardin. If you use Twitter, um, can you please click here and read some of the comments. Someone actually accused her of being George’s “bad luck”. That’s really, really funny, right? Or am I just being a meangirl?

Give it a week to settle but eventually Team Clooney will have to hold a post mortem on this campaign. And how Harvey Weinstein outplayed them. And how they miscalculated. It was a public relations contest. It was NOT an acting competition. As such, one out PR-ed the other. In the analysis then of the losing side, where did the offence break down? Where was the defence exposed? The offence broke down as soon as he made it so f-cking obvious when and why there was a new escort for festival and award season. The defence broke down when they had no way of holding off the French charm because they’d already revealed their entire game plan. For someone of Clooney’s stature and experience, I’m almost embarrassed.

And then there’s Stacy in Marchesa. In gold, ugly ass, rose on the hip Marchesa that I’m convinced Georgina Chapman tricked her into wearing. See? Harvey wins again.

I’m attaching photos of George during the show with Sandra Bullock. So much cuter.

By the way, Brange and Clooney skipped the parties last night for their own private dinner.