George and Stacy are back at Villa Clooney in Lake Como in Italy. Here they are boating with friends yesterday. Look at him holding those towels. He must be the best host. I would love him to be my host somewhere. If you were to put a list together of Top 5 or Top 10 dream celebrity experiences, wouldn’t Como with Clooney be on there? Along with flying with Angelina Jolie? And, um, riding on the back of Tom Cruise’s motorcycle? That’s my next article idea. I’ll work on it this weekend. Don’t steal it!

My friend Lorella is currently on holiday in the motherland - Italy, of course. She found out about Tom and Katie a day later on Twitter, then emailed demanding I send her my articles to catch up. Afterwards she kept saying over and over again - oh but to be a fly on the wall right now.

But I’d rather be a fly on the wall during a conversation between Clooney and whoever his dinner companion happens to be that night about the Tom Cruise situation. Sure, sure, the Clooneys and the Pitts of the world are too big to care about why Katie left Tom. Do you really believe that? Or do you think they’re both looking at the situation, and Johnny Depp’s, all like “Sh-t, thank God that’s not me”? Fifty percent of that list right now is seriously unstable.