Stacy Keibler accompanied George Clooney to the Carousel Ball of Hope the other night. Or maybe I should say that George Clooney accompanied Stacy Keibler. Because... well... here are some of the other people at the event:

Joan Van Ark
Charlene Tilton
Jason Davis
Nicollette Sheridan
Jennie Garth
Nicky Hilton
Julianne Hough
Carmen Electra
Cheryl Burke

I mean...this is not the usual calibre of guest at an event where George Clooney shows up, right? As far as I could see, he was the only movie star in attendance. Almost everyone else was, like, Dancing With The Stars and 80s soap operas.

But this is fascinating, non? That Stacy’s standing as Clooney Girl is so secure right now he’s willing to lower the standard of his social calendar? First he gives her a drawer and now he’s mingling with the B- to C List?

She is good this girl, she really is. He’s rewarding her for being so good, not wanting marriage or babies and all that sh-t he doesn’t want. And he’s rewarding her so... happily too, right? Check him out, not being sulky or pouty or behaving like this is beneath him, joking around with Neil Diamond. That’s the kind of date you want -- a guy who participates and WANTS to enjoy himself even though it’s not his usual crowd. 

But WHY does she have such a hard time dressing up? Look at this hair. WHAT IS THIS HAIR???