Sorry I’m running late today. It’s been a busy week at my tv job, and I’m also co-hosting CTV Morning Live in Vancouver during my last official week as a resident here. So the timing’s been a bit tight and I apologise that your gossip is delayed.

Trying to make it up to you now with new photos of George Clooney who is in Paris, all smiles and single, heading into the Nespresso store. As you know, George is a Nespresso spokesperson so he may be working on a new ad. As you also know, George and Stacy Keibler broke up recently. She was interviewed on EXTRA the other day and confirmed that it’s done, yes, and that it wasn’t dramatic. Of course it’s not dramatic. It’s never dramatic when the compensation is generous. George is nothing if not generous and…well… he may have had reason to be extra generous. More on this soon, if you see properly, ahem.