At this point, it’s really the only detail we don’t know: what did Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dress look like?

Since Anna Wintour was there, VOGUE will likely tell us in the next month or so. Fine. At this point, I actually feel sated. He gave us enough, don’t you think? More than enough. It’s almost as though we were invited. There was a gondola procession every day for three days! There were monogrammed boat flags! It’s like they were on a royal walkabout!


Well. Hollywood royalty.

Some of you feel it was too much – too lavish, too extra, too public. I’ll tell you what I appreciate. I appreciate that he didn’t speak out of both sides of his mouth about this. I appreciate that we’re not hearing complaints from Team Clooney about intrusion. I appreciate that his security didn’t thug out on any paps or jab people with umbrellas. I appreciate that once he decided to go famewhore, he went FULL Famewhore. Like full service famewhore. Did you know his staff was passing out tequila to reporters, fans, and paparazzi? Everyone was part of the party. Except, you know, you had to have a special cell phone to get inside. Not one leaked photo yet of the dress. So, there’s control the Brange way and then there’s control the Clooney way.

Today was the civil ceremony. She wore a white pants suit and a matching hat. I’m attaching these shots first because they’re fresh. All the other shots from this weekend are coming in separate posts. There’s more to say. We could talk about this all day.

By the way, the first photo in this article is the one that Amal and George shared with their guests. She’s adorable here. I’m in love with her too.