Is it true?


George Clooney is engaged to Amal Alamuddin. He’s not “officially” confirmed it (yet) but he also hasn’t denied it and besides, I have exclusive details about the ring, which they were waving around to his friends last week while out for dinner.

It’s huge. My sources estimate the carats in double digits, easily. It’s an emerald cut, single stone with a very thin platinum band. Tasteful though, despite the size. Not as big as, say, the Harry Winston Lesotho, obviously, that Onassis gave to Jacqueline Kennedy, but similar in style and warmth. You know like with that warm yellow-ish hue?

I’m told that Clooney spent all last week informing his inner circle. She gets a strong pass rating from his posse. Most importantly though, much of the encouragement to make the decision came from his family who’s spent a significant amount of time with Alamuddin. Take her seriously is what they advised. Because if not, as opposed to the other women he’s been with, associating with him would be a detriment to her life, professional and personal. A romance with Clooney elevated the careers of Elisabetta Canalis, Stacy Keibler, etc. For Alamuddin, in her world, that’s not a bonus. In fact, she probably helps him more than he helps her. This is the difference.

Some are speculating now whether or not this is a political move that will boost his political aspirations. My sources haven’t mentioned anything about the politics. The pride factor however is a different story. At some point, he got tired of being seen as an older Leonardo DiCaprio. Does this crack you up as much as it cracks me up? He was starting to become embarrassed by it. Or he wanted to give Angelina Jolie someone to talk to. Again, this is funny. That Brad Pitt figured it out before George Clooney did.

Beyond the engagement though, it’s the “next” that’s really interesting. Amazingly enough, she has to really consider it much more seriously than he does. Here’s a woman who wouldn’t immediately say YES PLEASE OMG RIGHT NOW on a Clooney proposal. Which accounts for part of the attraction. Like, he’s going around telling people – man, I wasn’t sure of myself here and she could have totally turned me down. As IF, right?

You remember when Clooney was promoting The Monuments Men a couple of months ago and the t-shirt he was wearing?

Wellllll…this relationship progressed QUICKLY.  And there’s this video that was just sent to me:

BBC News Amal Alamuddin on Yulia Tymoshenko and Ukraine from Doughty Street Chambers on Vimeo.

That’s what Amal sounds like. She’s not hustling on red carpets promoting HIS sh-t. He’s the one promoting HER sh-t!

George Clooney is the Bridget Jones in this scenario. He’s found his Mark Darcy.