This was supposed to be the lead story. It was when I wrote the column last night. But nothing trumps a royal baby. Not even George Clooney’s wedding.

He and Amal Alamuddin walked the carpet together in Venice on Sunday at Celebrity Fight Night, doing us a favour - we now have proper not blurry, not papped, side-by-side shots (that don’t cost a fortune) of them to use whenever there's a story.

But they weren't done with just an appearance. While he was delivering his speech, Clooney also revealed the following:

"I met my lovely bride-to-be here in Italy, whom I will be marrying in a couple of weeks, in Venice, of all places."

Is that a location confirmation? And a date too?

This Italian report quotes him more specifically:

“I'm getting married on September 26th. In Venice, in an old building. After the ceremony we will go on honeymoon only three days, then work calls me."

Amal apparently also confirmed at the event that she will be wearing Oscar De La Renta for the wedding.

VERY forthcoming, non?

That's basically the exact opposite of Brange. And maybe that's how you do it if you can't be Brange. If there's already so much that's out there, you get ahead of it instead. It'd be a different spin on the idea of Control. Like it's still Control if he can pull off an intimate wedding, with selective privacy...somewhere halfway in between Brange and Kanye West?

Or, an appeal to the MiniVan Majority. They do love weddings. And he's so committed to this, so changed, so suddenly eager to be a husband...because he's finally met a woman he can't wait to marry. THAT's the motherf-cking fairy tale. And he seems to be laying it on thick because he also said this with a megaphone:

"I would say to Amal 'I love you to death and I cannot wait to become your husband.'"

Is this...the modern Camelot? Here. Body language for you to study.