Page Six reported last night that Anna Wintour has been invited to Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s wedding. Not because they’re all that tight, but because Oscar de la Renta is designing Amal’s dress. And Anna and Oscar are tight. And Anna will be featuring the event in VOGUE. Does that still count as a “small and intimate” affair? When people you don’t really know are coming to cover it in a magazine? Serious question. I want to know where you stand on that.

As for what George is wearing, no surprise, it’ll be Armani. He’s been friends with Mr Armani for a long time. Mr Armani has seen him through many women. So not only is Mr Armani dressing the groom, he’s also doing the attendants.

It’ll be a party for days, as it should be. There will be parties before, they’ll continue to party after, and everyone will try to drink away their disbelief: that George Clooney is actually getting married…?!?!?

Same year as Kanye West. Same country as Kanye West. Same magazine as Kanye West?